Consultants’ Clinic

Consultants’ Clinic is an initiative taken by PLASTIVISION India started in the year 2011 with the objective to provide support, help, educate and guidance to budding entrepreneurs in the field of Plastics Industries to promote and progress their own venture with the support of AIPMA Members, other experts from industry and other technology dept to understand the process and provide guidance for commercializing the innovation with the available experience and expertise at AIPMA.

Consultants’ clinic is a group of consultants walking from various background with rich experiences in different field of plastics and utilizing his/her own experiences in encouraging and guiding the industry to grow and expand and align with the vision of Innovative Indian Plastics Industry.


Mr. Harshad Desai

Chairman – Consultants’ Clinic
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Experience in plastic field for more than 50 years. Knowledge about Blow Moulding and Injection Moulding field. I was Executive Director of clear Mi- pack packaging Ltd ( Now Hi tech plast Ltd). Have handled all types of plastic processing activities such as ISBM, IBM and printing , decoration and value additions for plastic products. He is also very knowledgeable from Die making to production and planning. Have established factories in many parts of India.

Presently active as chairman of AIPMA Seminar Committee and chairman for Consultant committee Plastivision Arabia.

Business Advisor to Bloom Seal Containers Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Pervez. E. Jussawalla

Consultant : Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding & Extrusion Equipment

45 years experience in manufacturing Plastic Processing machinery including  Injection Moulding , Blow Moulding and Extrusion Equipment. Developed and launched the first fully automatic 2 colour Injection Moulding machine in India in 1973.

Developed and launched the first Fully automatic PET stretch Blow Moulding machine in india in 1998. Joined Sidel India as Technical Director in 2003 and designed and manufactured their Pet stretch blow moulding machines for the Indian and export markets.

Recently introduced for the first time again, a completely different blowing concept in PET stretch blow moulding machines, in association with M/s Electropneumatics, Chakan. Also  presently manufacturing a range of Electric, Servo  driven Cylinders, used in Robotics, as a replacement for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. 

Mr. Deepak Gajare

Consultant : MSME Finance Expert
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Deepak has more than 10 Years of experience in Financial Services Industry; he has been an integral part of the team at Stimuli. His expertise lies in understanding the debt and structured debt product spectrum including structuring a particular transaction and executing it. Prior to working on the debt services practise at Stimuli, Deepak worked with organisations like ICICI Bank, CWT Commodities and MCX.

Mr. Nagraj. M. Khatavkar

Consultant : Plastics Multi-layer laminated tubes, Plastic Co-extruded tubes & Manufacturing Process Improvement
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He has more than 32 years of experience in Manufacturing – Processing – Operations.   My Domain of expertise in plastic processing is in the below mentioned industry / field.

  • Plastics Multi-layer laminated tubes.
  • Plastic Co-extruded tubes.
  • Manufacturing Process Improvement.
  • Manufacturing system implementation.

He has considerable experience in evaluation the technical know-how , project evaluation & implementation in the  Plastics &  Laminated tube industry.

Mr. Suresh Takle

Consultant : Screen printing Machine & Processes
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In 1960s, Suresh Takle learnt the art of screen printing from his father, and pioneer of screen printing in India, Mr Vishnu Takle.

His 1st contract printing work was for MIPAK Plastics , He screen printed bottles made by MIPAK. In mid 70’s MARICO, an Indian Multi-national company, wanted to revive their coconut oil brand PARACHUTE. Suresh was responsible for screen printing of the plastic bottles. The change in packaging rebounded the PARACHUTE brand, and it has been a market leader ever since. Till today, the plastic bottles for PARACHUTE are screen printed.

WINNER SCREEN is a professionally run organization under the leadership of Suresh Takle and Rajashree Takle who is been awarded as Best Woman Entrepreneur of the year by MACCIA with an in-depth knowledge of printing processes (screen, pad and dry offset printing) and engineering expertise. They strive to manufacture decoration machines of international standards.

WINNER SCREEN current motto “Our Printers for your Profits” encompasses not just the high value printing machines, but also the service support to ensure that the machine keeps on running once installed at customer’s site.

Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt

Consultant : Injection Moulding & Technical Services Expert
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  • Having more then 21 years of Experience in Plastics and packaging In India and international.
  • Specialized and trained in Injection Moulding and Extrude Machineries in Europe (Netstal , Krauss Maffei Group including Berstoff ) 
  • Able to Handle Any type of Green field Projects in plastics and packaging industries (which includes  Selection of machines , layout, Offloading  , Positioning , achieving) 
  • Specialized for Caps and Closer , IML ( Thin wall Injection Machineries - Netstal Machinen AG- Switzerland ) , Medical Industries ( petridish , Micro Tip , Pasteur Pipette, etc....) , Technical products , Auto Mobile Industries. ( Vacuum Metallizing .. ) 
  • Specialized in PET Industries. 
  • Industrial Automation( Baumuller , LTi , Kollmorgen , Bouch Hydraulics ( Eco Power Unit )  , All Electrical Machine, Servo controls etc... ) 
  • Quality Assurance and Technical Analytical analysis..  Including Process Solutions. 

Mr. Rajesh Doshi

Consultant : Business development & PVC Expert
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He has more than 30 Years of diversified experience in the field of processing of plastics. He has worked with various engineering polymers for segments like Automotive, White goods, Medical, electrical and engineering application.

He has been instrumental and responsible for promoting new business of engineering polymers and  technical support on PAN India basis.

He is having expertise in PVC compounding and processing, specifically calendaring and extrusion. Currently he is with  Goldstab Organics Pvt. Ltd responsible for Business Development of PVC Heat Stabilizers and additives.

He has worked with renowned plastic companies like Supreme Industries Ltd, Mutual, Amar Tara Plastics Ltd, and Bhansali  Engineering Polymers Ltd.

Mr. Mayur. K. Shah

Consultants: Project Planning & Implementation, Water Cooling Designing & Optimization, Trouble shooting
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Having more then 3 decades of Experience in Injection Moulding of Plastics, Project Planning and Implementation.

Over a period of time with increasing experience it was realized that the Plastic Moulding Industries’ productivity can be substantially increased by incorporating efficient cooling.

Unfortunately, no such service was available for plastic industry up till now. The tedious process of calculating flow and pressure at every node along with the frictional losses and maintaining Reynold’s number for turbulent flow is taken care with the help of computer and advance software.

Presently involved in Water Cooling Designing and Optimization for Plastic Processing Plants

Mr. Ajay Mishra

Consultant : PET Recycling Expert
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A chartered accountant who offer 360 degree solution for PET bottle waste at point of consumption since 2012.

He is first to introduce Automatic PET bottle flaking machine also called Reverse Vending machine for public uses. This machine is fully made in India and successfully running in more than 10 cities of India. He introduced 360 degree sustainable solution for PET bottle waste under PET neutral program for corporate like TCS, Infosys, Taj, Coca Cola etc. Under this model his company ensuring 100% recycling of PET waste and converting into resources in most transparent , auditable and sustainable way. unlike earlier user of machine exactly knows who process this waste and converted into what item. Biocrux India also developed dustbin made from PET waste to create a 360 degree platform for its customers. 

Mr. Sagar Deshmukh

Consultants: 3D Printing Technology Expert
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Sagar Deshmukh is an electronics engineer by profession with 11 years of experience. He has worked in the field of industrial automation for more than 7 years. He was associated with SIEMENS, Forbes Marshall and IMI Norgren earlier.  He is a proud BNI member.

Sagar is working in the field of FDM (Fused Deposition Method) which uses plastic as raw material. His area of expertise is 3D printing PLA/ABS/HIPS/PET-G/Nylon etc. He is also manufacturing FDM 3D printers in his Pune Facility.

Sagar has worked for clients like Forbes Marshall, Control Print Ltd. Telco, Supermax Thane.

Mr. Subba Bangera

Consultants: Injection Stretch Blow Moulding Expert

He has 40 years of industrial experience. Represented Sidel India as Managing Director from 1998 to 2006. He was made chairman of Sidel India board in 2006. He was also a member of Sidel global management Committee.

Through his expertise, today sidel has more than 100 high speed imported machines & 500 local built low speed machines in operation in India. Mr. Bangera has a reputation of developing “Made in India” culture throughout his career. He has successfully “Glocalized’ many products.

Mr. Bangera is presently strategic adviser to many companies. Mr. Bangera is presently active in lot of policy matters with his association in managing committees of AIPMA, PMMAI, IPI and many more. He is helping industry in setting up world class manufacturing standards (WCLE) to be competitive with global competition. His management approach of “Intelligent disobedient” and work through “Strategy canvas” has helped many companies to come out of cocoon and shine

Mr. Sunil Wakade

Consultants: Cost Management Expert

More than 45 years of experience in Manufacturing Industry. On hand Exposure in Industry such as Chemicals, Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Engineering & Plastic.

Exposure in the Project implementation in Petrochemicals from Grass Root Level i.e. India’s Biggest Project in late 70s of Reliance Industries’ Polyester Filament Yarn Plant worth Rs. 100 Cr having technical collaboration with DuPont, USA. In depth knowledge in Management field such as Materials, HRD, Project, Manufacturing.

Worked in various Leading Companies as well as Public Sector Undertaking at various Senior positions for early part of 20 years of early part of career. Then subsequently set up an SME Unit in Daman and successfully running the Unit for past 25 years with Growth Trajectory of around 12% per annum.

Exposure as well as practiced International Management Tools such as J D Edwards, BAAN, Kaizen. However Now developed BPM (Business Process Management) suitable for Indian Environment and needs of Indian Entrepreneurs especially SME Sector who cannot afford SAP But would have liked it. This newly developed BPM, which give all functions that SAP gives, is not only affordable BUT absolutely user friendly.

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