Why exhibit at Plastivision India?

Plastivision 2017 provides a unique platform to connect with the players in the Indian plastic industry. Whether you represent a small or a big business - you can strengthen your brand's reputation by exhibiting in this trade fair.

Here are a few convincing pointers that make exhibiting at Plastivision perfect business sense.

The exhibition attracts visitors from several states in India.

25 years of consistency has created immense brand equity for Plastivision. Many block their dates and make it a point to visit Plastivision as it translates into better business sense.

There are many exhibitors of machinery makers and they attract their own type of buyers who are mentally ready to make a capital expenditure. This mindset allows them to be open minded to other solutions and services who co-exhibit here.

Plastivision is supported and promoted by the Government of India. This helps in signing of MOUs, trade agreements and attracts many Key Opinion Leaders that in turn bring in better quality of visitors.

Location, Location, Location. Since many editions, the trade fair has been held in Mumbai. Many visitors in India prefer Mumbai owing to its business network and excellent connectivity.

It is a mixture of technology and innovation evolution. This industry is ever-evolving and at Plastivision you can see these patterns clearly visible as many exhibitors showcase working demonstrations.

We expect 100,000+ visitors to visit over 5 days. This includes a wide range of visitors with different profiles who come here for a handshake and making business connections.

Download Plastivision India 2017 Factsheet