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Month: February 2019

A 14-Year-Old California Engineer Transformed Paper and Cotton Into Plastic

“Everything was coming out of me, like I was born to say it.” Jacqueline Prawira has competed in science fairs since she was in fourth grade. But despite now being a seasoned pro who’s contended at the state level three times and was honored with a BROADCOM Masters award in October, Prawira, now 14, was …

How an Indian sportswear brand turns plastic bottles into T-shirts

Until two years ago, Roshan Baid did not know that eight PET bottles of fizzy drinks can be turned into one sports t-shirt. His company, Paragon Apparels, had been producing sportswear for international brands such as Reebok and Adidas since 2001. But it was in 2016 that the idea of using plastic struck the 46-year-old National …