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Tag: Plastic packaging

8 Super Advantages of Using Polyethylene Packaging

Polyethylene Packaging

There are various packaging options in the market, but one of the most commonly used packaging material is polyethylene. It is the most durable type of plastic available today owing to its properties of chemically resistant and low in cost. Polyethylene or PE is derived from petroleum polymers and can survive any environmental hazards. Let …

5 Amazing Advantages of Flexible Plastic Packaging

Plastic Packaging

One of the fastest growing segments, flexible plastic packaging delivers a wide range of protective properties while ensuring a minimum amount of material being used. They are used in industrial and consumer applications to market, protect and distribute a wide array of products. From extending shelf life and ensuring food safety to providing barrier protection …

How India Is Becoming A Preferred Hub For Plastic Packaging

Plastics are widely used in the packaging sector owing to their incredible properties such as durability, light-weight, strength, and cost-effectiveness. The application of plastics in the packaging industry can be found in a multitude of sectors such as healthcare, consumer goods, electronics, construction, travel, household, food, and beverages. The Indian packaging industry, which constitutes about …

4 Incredible Ways How Plastics Benefit the Environment

Plastics Benefit the Environment

Contrary to many beliefs plastic can help the environment in a wide variety of ways. It can be recycled and reformed through multiple molding techniques and offer a better alternative than their wood and metal counterparts. Let us look at four incredible ways how plastics benefit the environment.  1) Help Lower Environmental Impact Plastics help …