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The Advantages of Utilizing Thermoset Composites for Product Manufacturing

Technological advancements have transformed the manufacturing industry big time. It has allowed manufacturers to produce top-quality products at much faster rate and with less expense. However, this has only triggered the customers’ expectations and the need for innovation has become more and more demanding than ever before!

So, if you are in the manufacturing sector, you will find the need to produce products considering the company’s point of view as well as its customers.  When doing so, the basic idea of your product need not change and instead you’ll have to focus on addressing different aspects of a product such as – enhancing, strengthening, and updating it so that it fulfills the set expectations.

And that is when Thermoset composites come into the picture. Replacing your existing materials with thermoset composites allow you to create products that are durable, that remain stable in high and dynamic temperature applications and have a high strength to weight ratio.

Thermoset composites commonly comprise of glass or aramid fibers, which are incorporated with either polyester, vinyl esters, epoxies or phenolics. Here are a few advantages of utilizing thermoset composites as a material of choice for creating products:

Easily customizable
Thermoset composites can be customized in varied formulations to address the specific requirements of the product.

Corrosion resistant
Since thermoset products do not contain metals, they fare well in corrosive environments.

Chemical resistant
Products made of these composites are resistant to corrosive chemicals and most industrial solvents. They can be used to make products or parts for industrial plants, kitchen and marine environments and food processing.

Cost effective
Thermoset composites provide better value for money as they are available at a lower cost than metals. What’s more, since they are durable, you need not have to replace or update them more often.

Thermoset composites do not contain metals. Hence, they can be easily used around magnetic as well as sensitive electronic equipment. They do not interfere with the radio or microwave transmission, thereby making them a great choice for use in control systems.

Composites are increasingly used in electrical applications, kitchen appliances and also to manufacture parts of high-profile structures such as footbridges etc. Thermoset composites with their unique properties would soon replace most raw materials as an ideal choice to meet the demanding application.



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