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The Contribution of Plastic towards a Safe Life

More than 150000 people in India are killed in road accidents each year, which is roughly 400 accidents taking place each day. These are caused by speeding vehicles, reckless drivers or cars not equipped with safety features. A bill was passed by the Indian government in August 2016 proposing harsher penalties for offenders and to add safety features in vehicles.

Hospital acquired infection poses high risk for patients, causing death. Most of these infections are associated with contaminated medical instruments used in the operational theatres, in ICU which proves to be the breeding ground for such infections.

All these fatal accidents have a profound implications on family, society and in turn on the country’s economy. This has given rise to use of innovative measures to reduce if not prevent injuries and deaths. One such innovation is in the field of plastic that has contributed significantly to our safety to live happier and longer life.

Here are some attributes of plastic that has contributed to our society today.

Automobile :

Plastic is helping save lives around the world. Lightweight plastics in the front of the vehicle can absorb impact acting as a cushion to protect car occupants. Front and rear bumpers, side doors, seat belts, airbags, dashboards are all manufactured from plastic and its components, greatly contributing to the safety of vehicles. These safety measures using plastic in an automobile has seen a 28% drop in accident rates, saving thousands of lives.


Plastics are shatter proof and durable that helps in creating medical safety devices. Tamper proof caps used in medical packaging, blister packs, and medical waste disposal bags are many such examples. Medical devices such as gloves, syringes, IV tubes, guard us against contaminations. An artificial heart made of plastic extends life of a heart failure patient, and 3D printing with plastic allows prosthetics to be custom made. Bacteria resistant plastics, disposable medical devices and sterile plastic packaging prevent infection in hospitals and have proven to improve safety across the globe.


Plastic packaging helps in delivering food from farm to our homes safely without getting contaminated. Plastic packaged food extends product’s shelf life by slowing bacterial growth and preserving freshness. Plastic being Impermeable protects the content from damage from moisture, humidity, gases, microbes and insects. Plastic packaging of pharmaceutical products, and cosmetics do not deform or release substances that affect the active ingredients of products, ensuring safety and efficacy of treatment.


Plastic (PVC) is widely used to insulate electric wiring. A polymer that withstands high temperature are widely used for switches, handles, other light fittings. Plastic’s ability to resist electric current and mechanical shocks make them safe, reliable and vital for home electronic applications.

Plastic makes an immense contribution to the sustainability of human lives and society. Plastic are recyclable, in fact, 47% of all plastic in India is recycled, making it energy efficient and environment friendly. Plastic products are helping improve human lives and also conserving natural resources and protecting the environment for a better tomorrow.

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