What makes Plastivision India a leading trade fair in the Indian sub-continent?
Here are the differentiating factors.

Live demonstrations from machinery makers

Blow Film lines, Extrusion machines, Drip Irrigation pipe machines, injection molding machines, finishing lines and much more. Companies come here and show working demos of their best-selling and new models at Plastivision.

Emphasis on mold & dies

At the heart of the Plastic Injection process is a mold that governs the output and thereby the profitability of any business. Mold making is a fine art and also a time consuming one. Reduce lead time in sourcing and acquiring a mold by gaining access to exhibitors from India, China and many other countries who excel in the art of mold making.

Exhibitors for packaging and finished goods applications

Everything in our modern and progressive society needs effective packaging. There will be several exhibitors in the entire supply chain displaying their products and solutions. Material suppliers, machines, outsourced solutions and innovations that can benefit many businesses.

Support and endorsement from the Government of India

The Ministry recognizes the contribution Plastivision has made to the industry in the past 30 years. Its approval and endorses translates into ease of doing business in plastics. It encourages various Government bodies to visit the trade show to look for better solutions that has ramifications in defence, space programs, healthcare and Industrial Zone Development.

Experts and industry pundits on a single platform

Plastivision attracts technocrats, industrialists, decision makers, policy makers to converge at a single location. With an impressive attendee list, exhibitors go the extra mile and this benefits every visitor for they get to see innovation unfold over the 5 days.

Emphasis on finding solutions and facilitating business

Plastivision is not just a B2B trade show, it’s ulterior motive is to be a basis for business to happen. Our initiatives like the Consultancy Clinic and Job Fair are steps in this direction. We try to find answers and solutions for exhibitors and visitors alike and bring them together at PVI.

Affiliations with leading plastic associations of the world

Plastivision is recognized and affiliated with several Plastic Association bodies all over the world. This means that the members of these bodies are aware and many visit the trade fair in search of better partners, better sourcing and ultimately, better networking!