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Month: June 2023

The Future of Plastics: Innovations and Trends Shaping the Industry

Plastics have revolutionized numerous industries and our daily lives with their versatility, durability, and affordability. As we look toward the future, the plastics industry is undergoing a transformation, with a focus on developing eco-friendly alternatives, recycling technologies, and circular economy models. This article will explore the innovations and trends shaping the future of plastics. The …

Using Polymers to Reduce Weight & Enhance Fuel Efficiency in Vehicles

With the world focusing on sustainability and environmental conservation, the automotive industry is constantly looking for ways to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency in vehicles. One promising solution is the use of polymers, which are lightweight and versatile materials that offer several benefits for vehicles. Polymers can be engineered to exhibit specific properties, such …

All You Need To Know About Recycled Plastic Lumber

For many years, wood was the preferred choice for structural components. However, due to their natural origins, wood-based products have certain structural defects, like low-dimensional stability, fungal damage, wormholes, warping, cracks, knots and some other imperfections that result from drying and varied moisture content. These defects have a huge impact on the overall strength of …