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Month: September 2023

Exploring The Impact of Digitalisation In The Plastics Industry

Digitalisation is transforming industries worldwide by revolutionising how businesses operate and interact with customers. This technological shift involves converting analogue processes into digital formats. It also harnesses the power of data, automation, and connectivity. In manufacturing, it enhances efficiency through smart factories, predictive maintenance, and supply chain optimization. From telemedicine in Healthcare to personalised services …

Aiming for Sustainable Construction with Plastics

Sustainable construction involves establishing a healthful environment rooted in ecological principles. Professor Charles J. Kibert emphasizes six core tenets of sustainable construction: conservation, re-utilization, recycling/renewal, preservation of nature, development of non-toxic elements, and pursuit of excellence in quality. Plastic can be used innovatively in sustainable construction to enhance energy efficiency, reduce waste, and improve the …

Exploring Innovation In The Plastic Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing of plastic products in India is a highly innovative process, which goes through a detailed journey from prototyping to production. It begins with ideating and refining designs to create prototypes that best meet the desired product. The transition to production features tooling design and fabrication, where moulds are crafted for injection moulding or …