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4 Automation Benefits in Plastic Injection Molding

Plastivison _ 4 Automation Benefits in Plastic Injection Molding

When performed by an experienced professional plastic molder using automated machinery, plastic injection molding procedures are fast, efficient, and exact. Each manufactured component will be identical to the initial design file and other units in the order using appropriate modern equipment and automation technology. Automated injection molding technology can ensure that the same amount of …

How Robotics Empower the Plastics Industry

Plastivision _ How Robotics Empower the Plastics Industry

Whether it is plastic bottles being blow molded into their distinct shapes, or laptops being spray painted with a plastic coating at their place of production, the world within the plastic industry is rife with robotics.    Across the globe, 367 million metric tons of plastics were estimated to have been produced in 2020—and that was …

The Global Polypropylene Market is Predicted to Reach $108.57 billion by 2028

By 2028, the global polypropylene (PP) market is predicted to reach $108.57 billion, at a CAGR of 5.2%. The market is estimated to be around $76 billion by the end of 2021. The market can be segmented bu the following: Type: Copolymer Homopolymer End-User: Automotive Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Construction Packaging Agriculture Consumer Goods Electronics Region: …

3D-Printed Metamaterial Could Lead to Lighter & Safer Cars in the Future!

3D-Printed Metamaterial Could Lead to Lighter & Safer Cars in the Future! In the near future, we could be seeing cars built with a new type of 3D-printed material that is made from polypropylene and polyethylene with carbon nanotubes. This metamaterial was designed by a team of researchers from the University of Glasgow and is …

The Advantages of Robotics in the Plastic Processing Industry

Robots have been around for years and making strides of progress for manufacturers in terms of speed, efficiency, and safety. In the last few years, many new findings on productivity and engineering innovations have made the use of robotics even more popular and made robots powerful partners at manufacturing facilities. Cartesian or linear robots (beam …

Robotic Automation – The Future of Plastic Manufacturing

Robotic Automation

With complete automation in the entire process chain from part insertion to packaging and labeling, the plastic industry is poised to handle the most demanding tasks. It has developed into one of the most important markets for all robot manufacturers in recent years. Automation can be a big investment, hence marketplaces want to ensure that …

Top 4 Predictions for the Plastic Packaging Industry

The plastic packaging industry is one of the most evolving businesses in recent times. The application of plastics packaging can be found in sectors such as medical, food, beverages, cosmetic, consumer packaged goods, and household appliances. Rapid urbanization and increasing demand for an improved lifestyle are playing a major role in shaping the plastic packaging …

3 Reasons Why Automation Is a Boon to The Plastic Industry

Automation Is a Boon to The Plastic Industry

The plastic industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India, set to grow at the rate of 12% this year. By 2020, the plastic consumption is expected to reach 20 million metric tonnes per annum, which is a major leap from the current, 12 million metric tonnes. Robots have been used in the …