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Month: November 2023

Understanding The Materials That Are Used To Build Plastic Toys

The origin of plastic toys can be traced back to the early 20th century. The development and mass production of plastic toys coincided with advancements in plastics manufacturing technology. Bakelite – a thermosetting plastic – was initially used for various industrial and electrical applications in the early 1900s. It was also moulded into toys like …

All You Need To Know About Food-grade Plastics

Food-grade plastic refers to plastic material certified as safe for food contact. To achieve this designation, plastic must adhere to rigorous standards and undergo more stringent regulation compared to plastic intended for other applications. These specialised plastics are produced with a focus on maintaining a high level of purity. This ensures they are free from …

A Glance At The Materials That Boost The Performance Of Plastics

Enhanced performance in plastics is highly desirable, thanks to its importance in various industries and applications. It directly impacts product durability, safety, and sustainability. Durable plastics, capable of withstanding extreme conditions, ensure longevity and reliability in diverse settings, from automotive components to medical devices. Improved plastic formulations meeting stringent safety standards are essential for applications …