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Latest Posts Under: Innovations In Recycling

How Robots Can Efficiently Sort out Plastic for Recycling

Did you know that trash companies sift through 68 million tons of recycling waste each year? This weight is equivalent to more than 30 million vehicles. This process is undertaken by workers that sort out trash like glass, plastic, and paper that spread out in conveyor belts. Such jobs can often be unsafe and it …

IT Professionals Turn Plastic Waste into Stylish Home Decor and Bags

Plastic is one of the most used products in our society and continues to bring value in different forms. One of which is recycling. High-value plastic waste such as PET water bottles and shampoo bottles are recycled on a large scale. According to the Indian Central Pollution Control Board, 60% of our country’s plastic waste …

Indian Professor Creates Petrol Out of Plastic Waste!

Plastics have immensely contributed when it comes to making our lives convenient and to the betterment of modern life. They help us save energy by insulating our homes, they make our vehicles lighter and fuel efficient, they are widely used in the field of medicine to keep medical supplies sterile. However, with the multiple benefits …

An Innovative Effort to Convert Ocean Waste into Bathroom Amenities

Ocean Waste into Bathroom Amenities

The innovation in technology never fails to amaze! The recent past has witnessed numerous companies that have come up with technological advancements that work towards eliminating pollution. One of them is  Nurture Hospitality, a US-based organization that specializes in hotel guest bathroom amenities. They have launched a sharp social message ‘WE CARE’ and are aimed …

Roads Made From Plastic – Tough, Economical and Secure

Roads Made From Plastic

Recycled plastic has been put to great use by various industries, lately. The construction industry uses recycled plastic in the form of sewage and drainage pipes for roads. Plastic roads are in the focus now which in future will put in use a major chunk of the recycled plastic. It started with Zwolle in the …

Plastic Recycling Soon to be Possible in Space

Plastic Recycling

A major evolvement has been witnessed in the recycling of plastic throughout the years. The recycling of HDPE and PET containers has displayed the development of recycling. And now, NASA plans to introduce plastic recycling in space. This will offer an extra step of sufficiency to the onboard astronauts combined with 3D printing technology. The …

Turning Plastics Waste into Viable Low-Cost Fuel

Turning Plastics Waste into Viable Low CostFuel

Given the need to meet the world’s rising energy needs, policy makers have been calling for a comprehensive energy policy program. The energy recovery from plastic waste is one such example of innovative energy approach, that has been getting a lot of attention lately. There are a couple of reasons plastic is considered as a …

Could This Be the Solution to the Global E-waste Problem?

Global E-waste Problem

In recent years, the consumer demand for electronics has escalated to a great degree. Consumers today prefer buying a new gadget instead of repairing an old one. This trend has played a major part in the global e-waste crisis. As per a United Nations Environment Program report, the American electronics industry alone produced about 42 …

Recovery Options for Flexible Plastic Packaging

Recovery Options for Flexible Plastic Packaging

If you are a regular at supermarkets, you must have noticed that most items on the aisle of grocery stores come packaged in the flexible plastic material. Items such as baby food, pet food, detergent pods and more, which were earlier sold in rigid packaging now come in flexible bags and pouches. Though flexible plastic …