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An Innovative Effort to Convert Ocean Waste into Bathroom Amenities

Ocean Waste into Bathroom Amenities

The innovation in technology never fails to amaze! The recent past has witnessed numerous companies that have come up with technological advancements that work towards eliminating pollution. One of them is  Nurture Hospitality, a US-based organization that specializes in hotel guest bathroom amenities.

They have launched a sharp social message ‘WE CARE’ and are aimed at working towards the conversion of ocean plastics into something useful. They reuse the plastic waste acquired from the ocean into bathroom amenities like containers and caps. According to Nurture Hospitality Group’s Gary Coward, nobody in the hospitality industry had done something like this in the past.

NHG is the first-of-its-kind organization to produce 1 oz. and 2 oz. plastic caps and liquid containers made using plastic collected from the ocean.  They see a huge potential for their ‘nOcean’ plastics to generate a positive shift when it comes to guest amenities.

Currently, among multiple industries, many modern-day brands are putting in their creative products, initiatives and campaigns. These efforts help in creating awareness of the problems that surround ocean plastic waste. They also work as solutions to repurpose and reduce the plastic litter in the ocean.

According to NHG, there is an estimate of 315 billion tons of plastic in the oceans today. What’s even more alarming is that the amount of plastic is growing at a rate of 8 million tons per annum! NHG decided that their plastic products including liquid containers and caps will be created by making a difference to the environment.

Scientists claim that if we do not stop the flow of plastics in the oceans, there could be more plastic in the oceans by weight than fish by 2050. The fishes ingest these plastics and end up being a part of our meals. Basically, the ill effects of these ocean plastics are affecting us indirectly. A few such innovative efforts will work in our favor.

Apart from this, NHG is using plastics collected from the beaches and waterways of many less fortunate communities in Haiti and Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

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