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The Modern Integration of Plastics in Agriculture

PlastiVision _ The Modern Integration of Plastics in Agriculture

The practice of using plastic materials in agricultural applications is known as plasticulture. “Ag plastics” is a term used to describe a variety of plastic materials in this sector. Soil fumigation film, irrigation drip tubing, farm ponds, greenhouse cultivation, plastic plant packaging cable, nursery pots, and bales are all examples of ag plastics. However, the …

5 Benefits of using Acrylic Sheeting to build a Greenhouse

Greenhouses have been built using glass for centuries for their natural indoor lighting and ideal light-transmitting properties for plant growth. However, they leave much to be desired when it comes to their performance as a durable construction material. As a result, many people have switched from the traditional glass panes to alternative materials like acrylic …

IT Professionals Turn Plastic Waste into Stylish Home Decor and Bags

Plastic is one of the most used products in our society and continues to bring value in different forms. One of which is recycling. High-value plastic waste such as PET water bottles and shampoo bottles are recycled on a large scale. According to the Indian Central Pollution Control Board, 60% of our country’s plastic waste …

10 Practical Reasons to Choose Masterbatch Over Raw Pigment

We interact with colored plastics regularly, but have you ever wondered about the color concentrates that bring visual appeal to these products? To provide colors to the polymers, pigments or masterbatches are used. Let us begin by understanding the difference between the two. Pigments are solid and dry coloring substances. They are usually suspended in …

4 Reasons Why Biodegradable Plastics Benefit the Environment

Biodegradable plastics or bioplastics are made from natural plant-based raw materials that enable the natural decomposition process. This is achieved when the bacteria and fungi present in the surrounding environment naturally metabolizes the plastics. They also help to further break down the structure of a biodegradable plastic. Created to address the plastic waste problem, these …

Plasticulture and its way forward in India


Plasticulture or using Plastics in Agriculture is a new method of enhancing the growth of Agricultural produce. Plasticulture originated in the mid-20th century. Few countries have been careful to adopt this viable method of assisting agricultural growth. This is because it would replace their existing techniques, they may not be aware of its benefits or …