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4 Reasons Why Biodegradable Plastics Benefit the Environment

Biodegradable plastics or bioplastics are made from natural plant-based raw materials that enable the natural decomposition process. This is achieved when the bacteria and fungi present in the surrounding environment naturally metabolizes the plastics. They also help to further break down the structure of a biodegradable plastic. Created to address the plastic waste problem, these plastic types will turn to compost after a certain period of time.

Below are four reasons why biodegradable plastics benefit the environment and help save natural resources.

1. Saves Non-renewable Sources of Energy

Biodegradable plastics help conserve petroleum supplies. Traditional plastics come from heating and treating oil molecules until they turn into polymers. Bioplastics come from natural sources including crops like corn and switch grass. This makes them conserve non-renewable sources of energy such as petroleum.

2. Reduces Carbon Emission

One of the main advantages of using biodegradable plastic is a significant reduction in carbon emissions during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, since the materials used to create biodegradable plastics are plant-based, minimal carbon is emitted during the composting process.

3. Consumes Less Energy

The manufacturing process of biodegradable plastics requires fewer amounts of energy. Also, they do not need fossil fuels to be recycled. Since the energy requirement is less, the pollution and environmental impact are significantly reduced.

4. Provides an Eco-Friendly Solution

Biodegradable plastics require composting or recycling to ensure proper breakdown of the plastic pieces. The requirement to properly dispose of biodegradable plastic products automatically reduces the amount of waste. This waste would otherwise be sent to landfills in order to discard them. Moreover, the land areas can be used for agriculture, residence or industrial applications instead of converting them to landfills.

As you can see, biodegradable plastic is extremely significant and proves to be of great importance when it comes to reducing waste and helping the environment. With the increased use and manufacturing of bioplastics, we can expect a greener and a more sustainable future for our planet.

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