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How Robotics Empower the Plastics Industry

Plastivision _ How Robotics Empower the Plastics Industry

Whether it is plastic bottles being blow molded into their distinct shapes, or laptops being spray painted with a plastic coating at their place of production, the world within the plastic industry is rife with robotics.    Across the globe, 367 million metric tons of plastics were estimated to have been produced in 2020—and that was …

How Robots are Used to Sort out Plastic for Recycling

Each year, plastic recycling companies go through 68 million tons of plastic waste. This weight can be compared to over 30 million vehicles. The entire process of sorting plastic waste is carried out by workers. They sort trash like paper, glass, and plastic that comes through in a conveyor belt. Jobs like these can be …

Interesting Plastic Recycling Facts that Will Surprise You

Plastics recycling is expanding and growing due to product companies, recyclers, and people who are taking continuous efforts and making innovative advances to efficiently use this versatile material. It’s absolutely true that recycling plastics and other materials saves resources and helps protect the environment. In the last 10 years alone, we have come a long …

How Robots Can Efficiently Sort out Plastic for Recycling

Did you know that trash companies sift through 68 million tons of recycling waste each year? This weight is equivalent to more than 30 million vehicles. This process is undertaken by workers that sort out trash like glass, plastic, and paper that spread out in conveyor belts. Such jobs can often be unsafe and it …

The Advantages of Robotics in the Plastic Processing Industry

Robots have been around for years and making strides of progress for manufacturers in terms of speed, efficiency, and safety. In the last few years, many new findings on productivity and engineering innovations have made the use of robotics even more popular and made robots powerful partners at manufacturing facilities. Cartesian or linear robots (beam …