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Month: January 2019

Global Plastic Additives Market Forecast: $50 Billion by 2020!

Plastics have proven to provide an alternative solution to metals in numerous industrial and non-industrial applications such as automotive manufacturing, mechanical fasteners, medical equipment, commercial furniture. But did you know that plastic additives are the reason behind the popularity and widespread use of plastics? Let us begin by first defining plastic additives. Plastics additives are …

4 Incredible Benefits of Antimicrobial Plastic

Antimicrobial polymers or polymeric biocides are a class of polymers with antimicrobial activity. They possess the ability to inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria or protozoans. According to Grand View Research, antimicrobial plastic is in high demand and it is expected to soar over the next few years owing to its increasing …

Why Plastic Containers Triumph Over Others

Plastic Containers

There isn’t another material on the planet that is as versatile, durable, flexible, and lightweight as plastic containers. By various manufacturing techniques, they can be molded into any desirable form. From houses to supermarkets, plastic containers are extremely useful and are used almost everywhere. Before we understand why plastic containers triumph over other materials, let …

CAGR of 11% Forecasted for Indian Polypropylene Market by 2030


One of the most widely used plastics, polypropylene is known for its strength and flexibility. It offers high-resistance to temperature and provides higher tensile strength due to which it is preferred in various applications such as caps, batteries, packaging and automotive components. These are just some of the few factors out of many that make …

The 3 Most Used Plastics & Their Applications

Used Plastics & Their Applications

From safety helmets to food packaging, airbags, electronics and everything one could possibly imagine, plastics play a vital role in our daily lives. There is no doubt that plastics have helped make our lives better and inspired countless innovations. They make our lives safer, healthier and convenient. With the multitude of options that are available, …

How Plastic Waste is Converted to Crude Oil & Sulphur

Plastic Waste is Converted to Crude Oil & Sulphur

Plastics have always delivered multiple benefits that contribute to the betterment of modern life. They save fuel by reducing the weight of our cars, they help us save energy by insulating our homes, keep medical supplies sterile and help to package and preserve the freshness of our food. With the countless benefits that plastics offer, …

India Expected to Witness Polyethylene Demand Growth by 2023


The application of polyethylene (PE) can be found in various sectors such as automotive, household, packaging, electronic and construction. It is one of the major plastics used in India. Some incredible advantages that polyethylene offer are: Extremely impact resistant Fully Recyclable Weather-resistant Lightweight Corrosion-resistant Let’s look at some of the different types of polyethylene: High-density …

Global Rigid Plastic Packaging Market Predictions for 2021

Global Rigid Plastic Packaging

Rigid plastics are materials that have no elastic deformation but possess perfect plastic deformation. They are self-supporting in nature and cannot be easily squeezed. They are an apt choice for packaging as they are durable, lightweight and cost-effective. Rigid plastics include caps, cups, closures, cosmetic products, trays, and bottles used for various packaging-related applications. The …