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Global Rigid Plastic Packaging Market Predictions for 2021

Global Rigid Plastic Packaging

Rigid plastics are materials that have no elastic deformation but possess perfect plastic deformation. They are self-supporting in nature and cannot be easily squeezed. They are an apt choice for packaging as they are durable, lightweight and cost-effective. Rigid plastics include caps, cups, closures, cosmetic products, trays, and bottles used for various packaging-related applications. The production process of rigid plastic is different for each product type and ranges from extrusion to injection molding and blow molding.

According to Zion Market Research, there has been an increasing demand for biodegradable rigid plastic which is expected to boost the market growth in the near future. In addition, rapid urbanization and the rising demand for household care products is expected to impact the global rigid plastic packaging market by 2021. Rigid plastics possess properties such as durability, impact strength, and chemical resistance. This will further increase the demand for rigid plastics in the market.

Medicine, food, and beverage industries are now turning towards efficient packaging systems to ensure safety and long-term storage. This is making the medicine, food and beverage industries, one of the biggest users of rigid plastic packaging. Furthermore, increasing demand from end-use industries, new technological developments, and consumer preference for convenient packaging is responsible for supporting the market growth of rigid plastic packaging market.

Moving onto global regions, Asia Pacific is anticipated to lead the rigid plastic market. China is expected to lead the market owing to the increasing demand for rigid plastic. Moreover, the increasing growth in the food and beverage industry in China is bound to drive the market in the near future. Europe is showing a favorable growth in the market owing to increasing financial stability. North America is the second largest region followed by Europe. The rapid development in the industrial network is expected to boost the rigid plastic packaging market in North America.

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