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Latest Posts Under: Plastics In Agriculture

5 Underappreciated Ways Plastics Conserve the Planet’s Energy

PVI 02 08 2022 Blog Banner

Plastics conserve energy in several ways that go unnoticed among the general populace. The energy crisis in the world today is actually countered by the efficiency of plastics. If we had to use different materials in place of plastics, our manufacturing and logistical processes would need more fossil-fuel feedstock to sustain. Plastics are used in …

The Modern Integration of Plastics in Agriculture

PlastiVision _ The Modern Integration of Plastics in Agriculture

The practice of using plastic materials in agricultural applications is known as plasticulture. “Ag plastics” is a term used to describe a variety of plastic materials in this sector. Soil fumigation film, irrigation drip tubing, farm ponds, greenhouse cultivation, plastic plant packaging cable, nursery pots, and bales are all examples of ag plastics. However, the …

The Role of Plastics in Agricultural Applications

The growing use of plastics in agriculture has assisted farmers to improve crop quality, increase food production, and even mitigate the ecological footprint. Thanks to the use of plastics, crops can even be planted in desert regions, they can be grown in different seasons, the temperature can be maintained and insects can be prevented from …

5 Benefits of using Acrylic Sheeting to build a Greenhouse

Greenhouses have been built using glass for centuries for their natural indoor lighting and ideal light-transmitting properties for plant growth. However, they leave much to be desired when it comes to their performance as a durable construction material. As a result, many people have switched from the traditional glass panes to alternative materials like acrylic …

Three Innovations in Agriculture Made Possible due to Plastic

With the rising demand for food, the need for improving agriculture is of prime importance. Owing to this demand, there are multiple innovations that are shaping the agriculture industry and boosting production. Listed below are three such innovations that were made possible due to plastic. 1) Rotomolded Beehive Honey bee farms are typically found in …

Plasticulture and its way forward in India


Plasticulture or using Plastics in Agriculture is a new method of enhancing the growth of Agricultural produce. Plasticulture originated in the mid-20th century. Few countries have been careful to adopt this viable method of assisting agricultural growth. This is because it would replace their existing techniques, they may not be aware of its benefits or …