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Three Innovations in Agriculture Made Possible due to Plastic

With the rising demand for food, the need for improving agriculture is of prime importance. Owing to this demand, there are multiple innovations that are shaping the agriculture industry and boosting production. Listed below are three such innovations that were made possible due to plastic.

1) Rotomolded Beehive

Rotomolded Beehive

Honey bee farms are typically found in rural environments rather than urban ones. However, honey production can now be carried in urban areas as well. According to this article, a college student has designed an intelligent beehive with the help of UV stabilized polyethylene. It reduces the contact between bees and the beekeepers and creates a safe environment for honey production.

The polyethylene beehive has in-built sensors that deliver data to a mobile app and an acoustic monitoring system and sensors. It has plastic collection trays, plastic dome for viewing the colony and a temperate environment due to thin plastic walls. What’s more, due to its intelligent design the cost of honey production is reduced and the unit can be used in urban environments.

2) Plastic Reservoir Systems

As the population grows, the need for food and water is bound to increase. Due to this, storing water and collecting for use in agriculture is becoming a necessity. This where plastic reservoir systems come in. They are used to deliver rain collected water across many regions. These systems include irrigation pipes, plastic covers that help reduce evaporation, and collection points that help store water. These reservoir systems not only help deliver water to areas that need it for agriculture but also help conserve water. This is a huge benefit for developing nations that are looking for ways to boost food production. What’s more, these plastic systems can be reused and recycled multiple times in different projects. Due to this farmers can have flexible production goals.

3) Injection Molded Spray Nozzles

Injection Molded Spray Nozzles

The quality of spray nozzles is extremely important when it comes to the efficient use of water and irrigation. This is because the quality of the crop depends on the accuracy of the spray along with the amount of water used. To irrigate crops with maximum efficiency, injection molded spray nozzles are used. They have high precision thresholds, are durable and are resistant to corrosion. This also gives plastic nozzles an upper hand over metal products and other water spraying mechanisms. The crop watering process is becoming more effective and efficient due to these innovative products.

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