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Using Polymers to Reduce Weight & Enhance Fuel Efficiency in Vehicles

With the world focusing on sustainability and environmental conservation, the automotive industry is constantly looking for ways to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency in vehicles. One promising solution is the use of polymers, which are lightweight and versatile materials that offer several benefits for vehicles. Polymers can be engineered to exhibit specific properties, such …

What Are The Uses Of Plastics In The Medical Industry?

Plastic in Medical Industry

The past few decades witnessed plastic transforming many sectors. But perhaps no sector has been significantly enhanced like Healthcare. This is because while the healthcare industry made rapid strides, plastic rose to the occasion as the preferred material of choice to manufacture critical medical components. From blood bags and disposable syringes to prosthetics, heart valves, …

4 Types of Injection Molding Methods and Their Uses in the Plastic Sector

From window hardware to medical kits, plastics are essential to almost every aspect of the modern consumer and their environment. This gargantuan macrocosm revolves around the efficiencies established in its manufacturing process. A quick and versatile method solves all problems. When the plastic components have to meet super-specific industry standards, the method invariably is injection …

What makes Polyphenylsulfone an Ideal Polymer for Medical Grade Applications

Polyphenylsulfone or PPSU has numerous properties, making it an excellent metal-replacement material for various medical applications. The most noteworthy is its heat resistance. It has the potential to withstand extreme temperatures (up to 260°C). Also, its resistance to harsh disinfectants and chemicals makes it ideal for hospitals.   Some other incredible properties are its high …

Medical Plastics Market to Reach $33.51 billion by 2025

From prosthetic parts to heart valves, syringes, gloves, surgical equipment, and MRI casings, plastics have played a huge role in revolutionizing the medical industry. They have time and again proven to meet the advancements of the medical industry and adapt to its dynamic nature. For instance, plastics are used to produce numerous disposable medical devices …

Medical Grade Plastic and Its Incredible Advantages to the Industry

Medical Grade Plastic

Plastic offers a remarkable benefit of being malleable, with an ability to take limitless shapes and manufacture consumer products at an affordable price. Among all other industries, the medical industry has benefitted the most because it requires the work of precision which a modern plastic can easily provide. From MRI casings, plastic gloves to plastic …