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What makes Polyphenylsulfone an Ideal Polymer for Medical Grade Applications

Polyphenylsulfone or PPSU has numerous properties, making it an excellent metal-replacement material for various medical applications. The most noteworthy is its heat resistance. It has the potential to withstand extreme temperatures (up to 260°C). Also, its resistance to harsh disinfectants and chemicals makes it ideal for hospitals.   Some other incredible properties are its high …

Medical Plastics Market to Reach $33.51 billion by 2025

From prosthetic parts to heart valves, syringes, gloves, surgical equipment, and MRI casings, plastics have played a huge role in revolutionizing the medical industry. They have time and again proven to meet the advancements of the medical industry and adapt to its dynamic nature. For instance, plastics are used to produce numerous disposable medical devices …

How Researchers Are Turning Plastic Bottles into Prosthetic Limbs

Did you know that there are around a billion people worldwide that have a disability? This staggering figure is accompanied by the fact that there are up to 190 million disabled people who encounter significant difficulties daily. Furthermore, it has been estimated that 80% of people suffering from disability are from low and middle-income nations. …

How Plastic Prescription Bottle Innovations are making Medicine Management Easier

Bottle Innovations are making Medicine Management Easier

Plastic prescription bottles are widely used in the medical industry as they help ensure accurate dosage, prevent tampering and make medicine management more convenient. In addition, they are chemical resistant and extremely durable, thus making them an apt choice for the packaging for medicines. With the advancements in the medical industry, plastic prescription bottles are …