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How Plastic Prescription Bottle Innovations are making Medicine Management Easier

Bottle Innovations are making Medicine Management Easier

Plastic prescription bottles are widely used in the medical industry as they help ensure accurate dosage, prevent tampering and make medicine management more convenient. In addition, they are chemical resistant and extremely durable, thus making them an apt choice for the packaging for medicines. With the advancements in the medical industry, plastic prescription bottles are now adapting to the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry.

Featured below are the plastic prescription bottle innovations that are now transforming the way we take our medicines.


GlowCaps are a great way to remind patients to take their medicines on time. It involves an Internet-connected pill cap that sends signals to a device that resembles a nightlight. When a deadline is missed, the system will blink and sound an alarm. Furthermore, they generate an automated phone call to the user to remind them to take a pill and ask them why they’ve forgotten it so far.

Timer Cap

An innovative design in which the existing bottle cap is replaced with a  plastic LCD timer. Developed by Rx Timer Cap, LLC, the timer cap displays the time since the bottle was last opened, making it easier to schedule dosage. The built-in LCD timer automatically

resets itself every time the cap is opened. When the cap is closed, it starts counting the hours and minutes since the patient last took their medication.

Plastic Pill-Taking Aids

For patients who have difficulty swallowing pills, Oralflo Pill Swallowing Cup is a great alternative. Patients simply fill the plastic base cup with water or juice, place the pill in the special tube on the plastic top and then drink naturally from the cup. The innovative design simulates the natural swallowing reflex to help the pill slide down the throat more easily. 

Plastic Clip-On Magnifiers

Prescription bottles usually have dosage instructions in small prints making it difficult for senior citizens to read it. To solve this problem,  plastic clip-on magnifiers are now being introduced to fit most standard plastic prescription bottles. It can magnify the text up to three times and help reduce the risk of potentially dangerous errors such as taking the wrong medication or dosage.

These are just some of the few incredible plastic prescription bottle innovations in the packaging industry that were made possible because of plastic. It makes us wonder what could be next! If you are in the medical industry, then Plastivision is a great platform for you to showcase your product range and network with industry professionals. Book your booth today!

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