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Latest Posts Under: Plastic Market

The Global Aerospace Plastics Market Predicted to Reach $27.74 Billion in 2028

Plastic has always been one of the major components in the aerospace industry. They not only improve fuel efficiency but also reduce the weight of the aircraft. They also help military aircraft extend flight range and evade radar detection. Also, components for navigation functions, propulsion, interiors, and structural elements are made of plastic. Plastic has …

Global Bioplastics Market Prediction: $324 billion by 2030

The demand for bioplastics is on the rise and will capture a huge share of the plastic market. According to recent research, the bioplastics market will control 5% of the plastic market share by 2020. It is predicted that bioplastics will control 40% by 2030. This could propel the bioplastics market to a value of …

3D Printing Plastics Market to Reach a Whopping $2,499 Million by 2027

Considered as one of the most significant technologies of our time, 3D printing is predicted to have a huge impact across several end-use industries. 3D printing involves the use of various types of plastics for product design, concept modeling, and prototyping. The 3D printing plastics market is segmented into: Type – Photopolymer, ABS, Polyamide, PLA …

Medical Plastics Market to Reach $33.51 billion by 2025

From prosthetic parts to heart valves, syringes, gloves, surgical equipment, and MRI casings, plastics have played a huge role in revolutionizing the medical industry. They have time and again proven to meet the advancements of the medical industry and adapt to its dynamic nature. For instance, plastics are used to produce numerous disposable medical devices …