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3D Printing Plastics Market to Reach a Whopping $2,499 Million by 2027

Considered as one of the most significant technologies of our time, 3D printing is predicted to have a huge impact across several end-use industries. 3D printing involves the use of various types of plastics for product design, concept modeling, and prototyping. The 3D printing plastics market is segmented into:

  • Type – Photopolymer, ABS, Polyamide, PLA
  • Form – Filament, Liquid/Ink, Powder
  • End-use industry – Healthcare, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Electrical & Electronics
  • Application – Prototyping
  • Region – North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific

According to a research study, the global 3D printing plastics market is anticipated to reach a whopping $2,499 million at a CAGR of 16.8% by 2027. Let us proceed by exploring the market of each segment.

Type segment – Photopolymer to lead the 3D printing plastics market

In the type segment, the photopolymer plastic is anticipated to have the biggest share in the printing plastics market and will most likely dominate the market by 2027. Photopolymer plastic is widely used in stereolithography technology (SLA). The polyamide segment is projected to have the highest CAGR  throughout the forecast period.

Form segment – Filament to dominate the 3D printing plastics market

In the form segment, filament is anticipated to have the largest share in the market as it has known to have a high demand in various commercial applications. Speaking of the fastest-growing form, the powder segment is expected to bloom rapidly during the forecast period.

Application Segment – Prototyping to influence the 3D printing plastics market

In the application segment, prototyping is projected to influence the market and dominate it by 2027. Prototyping is one of the major factors behind the rising demand for 3D printing plastics across numerous industries.

Region Segment – North America to have the largest share in the market

North America is expected to have the largest share in the market by 2027, followed by Asia-Pacific and Europe. With the rising adoption of 3D printing technology in multiple industries across countries such as the US, China, Japan, and Germany and the UK, the 3D printing plastics market is expected to flourish in the upcoming years. What’s more, Europe and North America are witnessing a rise in investments from major companies that are making use of 3D printing technology.

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