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7 Benefits Of Medical Grade Plastics

For decades, the healthcare industry relied on medical equipment made of steel, glass or ceramic to deliver quality treatment for patients. Unfortunately, equipment made of these materials often didn’t last as intended. They need frequent care and maintenance to prevent wear and tear. Since equipment made of such material were expensive, it was important to introduce a viable alternative.

This is when medical plastics stepped in. The past few years witnessed a revolution in the healthcare industry with hospitals and clinics opting for newer and more durable equipment made of medical plastic.

So what is medical grade plastic?

Medical grade plastic equipment is manufactured by companies who have license to build products exclusively for a healthcare environment. Medical plastic is built to be resistant to chemicals, corrosion and high temperatures. Equipment built with such plastic can undergo multiple sterilization cycles without any negative impact. These equipments also don’t react negatively to the body or medical fluids.

Let’s look at the benefits of medical grade plastics for the healthcare industry:

  1. Wide range of applications

Medical plastics are used to manufacture a lot of products, from inhalation masks, pill casings and catheters to bed pans, IV tubes, syringes and implants. Walk into a hospital or clinic and it’s difficult to find a component that’s not made of plastic!

  1. Ease of sterilization

Medical plastics used in equipment usually feature antimicrobial surfaces. These surfaces help to repel and kill bacteria, even if regular sterilization isn’t carried out.

  1. Enhanced quality of life

Medical plastics have helped amputees lead better lives. Prosthetics can now be personalized to meet the complex requirements of patients. Prosthetics built from plastic are light-weight and durable, ensuring that patients can use them with ease.

  1. Enhanced safety

Medical plastic is non-permeable and shatter-proof. This ensures the safe transportation of biohazardous material. By removing medical waste safely, healthcare workers can prevent the transmission of dangerous pathogens. What’s more, medical plastic is also used to build tamper-proof caps, ensuring that foul play is restricted in the pharma industry.

  1. More environment-friendly than alternatives

Since medical plastic is recyclable, equipment made of such plastic is sustainable. This helps healthcare providers become environmentally responsible while providing patients with world-class care.

  1. More inexpensive than ever before

Equipment made of medical plastic is budget-friendly and can last a lifetime. It’s an investment that will provide rich dividends to the medical facility.

  1. Potential for more innovations

3D printing has made it easy to create inexpensive components and prosthetics. Researchers are currently working on using injectable plastic to stop bleeding caused by internal trauma. There are many more researchers working to leverage the endless possibilities of medical plastic.

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