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5 Benefits of using Acrylic Sheeting to build a Greenhouse

Greenhouses have been built using glass for centuries for their natural indoor lighting and ideal light-transmitting properties for plant growth. However, they leave much to be desired when it comes to their performance as a durable construction material.

As a result, many people have switched from the traditional glass panes to alternative materials like acrylic sheets. Some of the other plastics that can be used for making greenhouses include polycarbonate, polyethylene, polyvinyl, and copolymer plastics.

Below are some reasons why people are making the switch:

1. Higher Efficiency

Plants need around 70-75% of light to grow optimally and acrylic sheets offer light transmission up to 92%. Since diffused light is vital for a greenhouse, acrylic sheets are designed to be used as light diffusers for greenhouses. Moreover, acrylic sheets are thicker than standard glass, which makes them better for diffusing light.

All plants in the greenhouse receive an equal amount of sunlight, which is important for optimal growth. Lower or no light diffusion can cause overheating and hence, a burning effect. Acrylic sheets come with a natural UV filter that protects your plants from exposure to harmful radiation.

2. Greater Durability

Greenhouses are prone to a lot of damage and glass isn’t exactly known for its durability. Being outdoors, greenhouses are exposed to not just the harsh weather, but also potential vandalism and incidental contact. Acrylic sheets have an impact resistance 6-7 times greater than that of glass. This allows your greenhouse to be a lot more durable.

What’s more, replacing glass is a hassle. You will need a contractor to not just make a new pane but also to replace it. With acrylic sheets, on the other hand, all you need is the correct size and you can replace it yourself.

3. Faster Construction

Since glass becomes very heavy if it is over a certain thickness, it needs proper support to hold in place safely. The foundation for glass greenhouses needs to be deep in order to carry the heavy load, making the process more expensive. Acrylic, however, is extremely lightweight. In fact, it weighs less than half of what glass does. This makes greenhouses faster and less expensive to build.

4. Reduction in Cost

Earlier, using acrylic sheets would not only be more expensive but also go against the traditional style followed by greenhouses. Due to the advancements made in the refining process for manufacturing plastic, the prices of acrylic sheets have reduced greatly. As a result, using acrylic has become a lot more cost-effective.

5. Extended Plant Growth

Acrylic sheeting is not just great for convenience and your wallet. They also have a significant impact on the overall performance of the greenhouse. These sheets make way for extensive plant growth, allowing you to grow your choice of fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

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