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4 Incredible Benefits of Antimicrobial Plastic

Antimicrobial polymers or polymeric biocides are a class of polymers with antimicrobial activity. They possess the ability to inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria or protozoans. According to Grand View Research, antimicrobial plastic is in high demand and it is expected to soar over the next few years owing to its increasing demand in consumer and packaging products.
Let us now look at some of the incredible benefits that antimicrobial plastics have to offer:

1. Longer Life Expectancy

Antimicrobial additives have proven to increase the lifetime of plastics. They work towards minimizing the presence of bacteria that cause the plastic to degrade quickly. Products made from antimicrobial plastic are therefore more durable and easier to harvest when disposed of irresponsibly.

2. Protects Against Staining & Bad Odours

When plastics are not disposed of correctly, they can lead to bacteria formation. This further causes the plastic to harbor foul smell and develop stains. Antimicrobial plastics are protected from the bacteria. Furthermore, the additives used in the these plastics do not affect their performance or their clarity.

3. Improves Hygiene

Plastic products such as containers, reusable cups, plates can harbor harmful bacteria if the storing conditions are unhygienic. This can pose a potential health risk to the people that use them. This is where antimicrobial plastics would play a huge role. The additives incorporated in the plastic significantly minimize the presence of harmful bacteria, making these plastic products safer to use.

4. Prevents Biofilm Formation

Besides effectively preventing bacteria growth, antimicrobial plastics also prevent the formation of biofilms. Biofilm formation is quite common in plastic objects and surfaces. They can be defined as a community of microorganisms that have aggregated to form a colony.

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