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3 Reasons Why Automation Is a Boon to The Plastic Industry

Automation Is a Boon to The Plastic Industry

The plastic industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India, set to grow at the rate of 12% this year. By 2020, the plastic consumption is expected to reach 20 million metric tonnes per annum, which is a major leap from the current, 12 million metric tonnes.

Robots have been used in the sector for many years, however, to meet this growing demand, the need for better robotic automation of manufacturing plants is on the rise. By 2020, 180,000 machines will be employed in the sector, an increase of 67,000 machines over the course of 4 years.

If you are considering investing in the latest automation technology, let us point out some of its key benefits:

1. Higher Productivity and Lower Costs

Robotic automation offers flexibility to manufacturers and helps them optimize the machines according to their needs and changing market trends. According to ABB, one of the leading suppliers of industrial robots, some of their customers have seen 15-30% increase in productivity after installing robotic automation.

Apart from reducing labour costs, automation also leads to decrease in wastage of raw materials, reducing your overall cost of production.

2. Increased Safety

Robotic automation can manage the day-to-day tasks without putting your workers’ lives at risk. It neutralizes the need for workers operating between moving parts, improving the safety standards of your plant.

3. Effortless Multi-tasking

For years, traditional linear models have been used for loading and unloading in injection moulding. However, the newer six-axis robots offer a much higher degree of flexibility. These robots can easily perform two tasks at a time; increasing productivity.

As mentioned above, robotic automation has led to higher productivity, multi-tasking, improved safety standards and reduced costs. Innovation in technology can give you a competitive edge over your competitors as it helps in offering better and cost-effective solutions for customers and project your business into the future.

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