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Scope of Plastics in Saving Energy

Scope of Plastics in Saving Energy

Plastics have become an indispensable part of our lives, and we cannot imagine the world without them. They also play a vital role in reducing the environmental footprint of energy production. Just have a look at the scope of plastics in saving energy.

Efficient insulation

Nowadays in most of the buildings, plastics are extensively used for getting sufficient insulation from cold and heat. They also help prevent air leakages. Plastic insulation materials consume almost 16% less energy and emit 9% less greenhouse gases compared to alternative materials.

Extends the shelf life of food items

Plastic packaging reduces food wastage and extends shelf life, thereby saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Lightweight applications

Plastics also offer lightweight packaging and vehicle weight reductions, leading to less CO2 emissions for transportation.

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions at production level

Most plastic products consume less energy in production process for applications related to transport, construction, packaging and electronic devices. It will result in less emission of greenhouse gases.


Currently, several companies are breaking down plastics at the molecular level and recapturing the energy sources to be used again in various fuels. This technology is referred to as gasification. It is mainly heating waste in an oxygen deficient atmosphere, which can then be converted to chemicals or fuels.

Plastics are vital for saving energy and reducing the impact on the environment. It is definitely a boon for the mankind.

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