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Top 4 Predictions for the Plastic Packaging Industry

The plastic packaging industry is one of the most evolving businesses in recent times. The application of plastics packaging can be found in sectors such as medical, food, beverages, cosmetic, consumer packaged goods, and household appliances. Rapid urbanization and increasing demand for an improved lifestyle are playing a major role in shaping the plastic packaging industry. Let us take a look at the top four plastic packaging industry predictions.

1) Demand for Longer Shelf Life

There is a rising demand to improve the shelf life of a product, it’s ease of use and reliability. Plastics provide a multitude of barrier solutions to protect a product from reacting to elements such as UV rays, moistures, oxygen, and microbes.

Due to rapid urbanization, and lifestyle upgrades, the consumer dependence towards processed, precooked and packaged food is increasing as well. Plastics are being designed to preserve products on retail shelves of our homes for months to comes without the need for refrigeration.

2) Flexible Plastics to Witness Significant Growth

Flexible packaging solution is expected to be favored over rigid plastic materials by the plastic packaging market. This is due to the multiple advantages they have to offer such as better handling and disposal methods, greater visual appeal, cost-effectiveness, and convenience.

Since each retail has a different kind of approach towards packaging, the manufacturers of plastic packaging are working towards producing modern packaging designs to cater to the different requirements of consumers. The growth of flexible plastic solutions is expected to be driven by the rising demand for lighter forms of packaging.

3) The Industry is Moving Towards Sustainability

The packaging industry is working towards eliminating the production of unnecessary polluting items or replace them with more environmentally-friendly solutions, such as biodegradable straws, waste bags, plastic fast food containers, and plastic cutlery.

The industry is also moving away from plastic packaging items that are not easily recyclable. There have been significant efforts in reducing the colors used in beverage and home care bottles. Plastic packaging that is not colored is more likely to be recycled and is more valuable to the recycling stream. In Europe, a large number of plastic packaging industries have committed to ensuring that all the products will be recyclable by 2025.

4) Asia-Pacific Expected to Dominate the Market

Growing population increased consumer spending, and rising disposable income in India, China and Indonesia are driving the demand for consumer goods. This is bound to boost the Asia-Pacific plastic packaging market. There is a rising demand for processed and packaged food which is contributing to the growth of the market. Moreover, the beauty and personal care industry in India and China are also witnessing a significant growth, which will further propel the plastic packaging market.

Plastic has always known to be been versatile, economic and safer than metal. Therefore, plastic will offer a better alternative over metal in many applications. Are you considering replacing the metal parts in your business with plastic? If yes, then register for Plastivision trade show. It is a great platform for you to showcase your product range and network with industry professionals. Book your booth today!

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