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IT Professionals Turn Plastic Waste into Stylish Home Decor and Bags

Plastic is one of the most used products in our society and continues to bring value in different forms. One of which is recycling. High-value plastic waste such as PET water bottles and shampoo bottles are recycled on a large scale. According to the Indian Central Pollution Control Board, 60% of our country’s plastic waste …

5 innovations that could end plastic waste

There’s no love lost for plastic packaging. Whether it’s complicated recycling instructions on the products we buy, startling images of the impacts on wildlife or simply the economic value lost through waste, plastics have been climbing the international agenda for years. So how do 8 million tonnes of plastic still end up in the ocean …

How an Indian sportswear brand turns plastic bottles into T-shirts

Until two years ago, Roshan Baid did not know that eight PET bottles of fizzy drinks can be turned into one sports t-shirt. His company, Paragon Apparels, had been producing sportswear for international brands such as Reebok and Adidas since 2001. But it was in 2016 that the idea of using plastic struck the 46-year-old National …