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4 Techniques That Are Getting the Best Out of Ocean Plastic

Ocean Plastic

Plastic waste contaminating the oceans can be a great threat to marine animals. These water creatures can often get trapped into plastic packages or pieces. If mistaken for food, the plastics can also be ingested by the living beings in the ocean. There are numerous organizations working towards a solution for the plastic menace in the ocean. A few of such successful solutions are listed below:

1. Transforming Waste into Fashion

The multi-talented and famed singer, Pharrell Williams, has collaborated with G-Star RAW and Parley for the Oceans to transform the ocean waste to wearable items. The fashion collection ‘Raw of the Ocean’ in 2015 had created stylish apparels with the help of ocean waste. The collection included jeans, T-shirts, jackets, tank tops, hoodies and much more.

2. Zero Harm With Edible Six-pack Rings

Drinks consumed in cans come with six-pack rings that are made of plastic. These rings end up in the sea that can cause grave harm to the marine life when consumed by them. Saltwater Brewery, a microbrewery in South Florida, got along with We Believers and replaced the cans’ six-pack plastic rings with edible rings made of wheat and barley. This has made them safe for the animals consuming them.

3. A Great ‘Method’ to Curb Plastic Pollution

An innovative plastic recycling idea is created by the cleaning-products manufacturers, Method. This organization collects plastic waste from the ocean and recycles them turning them into soap bottles. They manufacture dish and hand wash liquids stored into elegant plastic bottles entirely made from recycled ocean waste. The company has already helped in reducing the plastic smeared over the beaches of Hawaii.

4. Comfort For The Feet Clubbed With a Cause

Often sports-wear manufacturers create products with the use of different plastics or fibers for extra durability. The sports-wear maker Adidas collaborated with Parley for the Oceans and came up with something unique. They launched a range of sneakers made of recovered ocean plastic with the help of a 3D printer. The creation of these running shoes has helped in reducing ocean trash by approximately 55 million plastic bottles.

These companies are not only helping curtail ocean pollution but are also making it better for the future generation. With such ideas gaining success, more and more strategies will come up and contribute to this cause.

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