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5 Incredible Benefits that Plastic 3D Printing Offer

Plastic 3D Print

3D printing creates parts by building up objects one layer at a time.  It is able to deliver a design quickly with high accuracy to create an optimal product. Its applications are unlimited and are used in the plastic, packaging, healthcare and, the automotive industry.  3D printing is done with different types of 3D materials like PEBA plastic, stainless steel, and polyjet resins. In this blog, let’s focus on the five benefits of plastic 3D printing.

1)More Affordable

Traditional ways of injection mold tools are expensive compared to plastic 3D printing which offers affordable options to create parts and tools. For example, in the medical industry, 3D printing surgical tools like clamps, forceps, scalpel handles, and 3D printing prosthetics are low-cost compared to the traditional ones. Even the customization becomes easy, saving a lot of time and money.

2)Faster Output

3D printing only takes hours in which the design engineer only needs a 3D file that can be uploaded to a 3D printing service and does not require producing molds for prototyping. For alterations, the designer has to work on the 3D model using 3D software and then print it. This results in reduced cycle time, quicker turnarounds and faster productivity.

Plastic 3D Printing


3)Easy Customization

Industries use mass production to cut costs and save time. This means similar products with zero uniqueness. But 3D printing offers the manufacturers the option to personalize anything without additional cost burden.  Medical and dental products are tailored to the individual via 3D printing.

4)More Efficient

3D printed plastic is a great asset for various industries, especially in plastic manufacturing. Manufacturing plastic parts using 3D printing technology proves to be very easy compared to techniques like plastic injection molding

5)Mitigates Risk

With plastic 3D printing, designers are able to verify a design by printing a production-ready prototype followed by manufacturing equipment like the molds or tools. This eliminates risk during the prototyping process, saving a lot of time and money. It builds confidence before making large investments that are required for mass production.

As we see, 3D plastic printing is proving to be a great asset for various industries. Plastics can be extremely useful in every step of the product development process and can even print complex designs with ease. 3D printing or additive manufacturing is rapidly expanding the future demand for plastic materials. To meet this ever-growing demand for rapid prototyping and manufacturing, more and more high-quality plastics will be modified for 3D printing.

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