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5 Reasons Why Polycarbonate Is Used In Building Applications

5 Reasons Why Polycarbonate Is Used In Building Applications

Transparent plastics are lightweight materials that are increasingly being used across the globe to replace glass in electronics, LED lighting, automotive lighting, healthcare and consumer goods. They are ideally used in applications where high transparency and resistance to heat and UV light are a must.

Transparent plastics also offer durability, ensuring that applications that use them last for years. An example of popular transparent plastic is polycarbonate. It is tough plastic that offers stiffness, strength, and impact resistance. Since polycarbonate is stronger than glass, it is often used as an alternative to glass in building projects. Polycarbonate is also lightweight, ensuring that it is widely used in the electronics and automotive industries.

Let’s look at 5 reasons why polycarbonate is used in building applications:

1. It permits natural light to enter facilities

Sheets and panels built with polycarbonate allow light to enter buildings. Since polycarbonate can be tinted, it prevents sunlight from reflecting inside a building. This ensures that cooling is maintained inside buildings, especially during summer. Businesses can gain significant energy savings by opting for polycarbonate for skylight and window applications.

2. It is available in an amazing range of thickness

Polycarbonate is available in a range of thicknesses, configurations, and structural strengths. This ensures that it can be transformed into a variety of shapes through a process known as thermoforming. Polycarbonate can also be bent through a cold-line process just like metal. Thanks to this property, polycarbonate is widely used in canopies, translucent walls, signage, barrel vaults, and roof domes.

3. It is widely used in LED lighting

LED lighting is immensely popular for illuminating businesses and homes because it offers durability, energy efficiency, and long life. Polycarbonate is used as an external component for LED lighting and offers crystal-like clarity that lasts years.

4. It is used in security applications

The immense impact strength offered by polycarbonate ensures that it is used in guard booths, prisons, banks, and stores. It also offers significant insulation, providing benefits in energy conservation.

5. It can protect big facilities from bad weather

Most sports stadiums have polycarbonate roofs and this protects fans during harsh weather. Such roofs also allow natural light in, saving significant energy for stadiums.

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