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Combating the Plastic Waste Problem: 5 Recycled Plastic Innovations

In today’s world, plastic is used everywhere because of its unique and highly lucrative properties. In fact, it would be impossible to imagine a world without plastics. However, a large amount of plastic waste (6.3 billion tonnes since 1950) is produced in the process. A lot of efforts are being made to reduce and recycle plastic waste and the innovations in that area keep growing.

Below are five of the most innovative ways to deal with the plastic waste problem:

1. Road Construction from Plastic Waste

You might have heard of many innovative plastic products but have you heard of roads being made from recycled plastic? Many places around the world, including India, are now using plastic waste to construct roads. It is a great way to take care of the plastic waste that is ultimately thrown in landfills or pollutes the oceans.

What’s more, these roads are much faster to construct and require little to no maintenance. They are also more durable and can last up to three times longer than standard asphalt roads. They prove to be an excellent sustainable solution as they are made from 100% recycled materials.

2. Tennis Shoes From Ocean Plastic

Did you know that every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic wind up in our oceans? As an initiative to put this waste to good use, Adidas announced a shoe line made from recycled ocean plastic. This line is a part of their Parley series.

The shoe is called Ultra Boost Parley and is made in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, an environmental organization. In 2016, Parley pulled out 740 tons of plastic waste from the Indian ocean. This waste was used by Adidas to make its shoe line along with some shirts.

3. Recycled Plastic for Beauty Packaging

Many beauty companies are now adopting packaging made out of recycled plastics. Lush Cosmetics, for example, started using PCR PP packing for their line of products. This type of packaging is made of 100% post-consumer polypropylene and the packaging has a container and lid that are made using injection moulding. These packaging options can be safely used for creams and lotions. They also have FDA letters of non-objection for 100% content.

4. 3D Printed Plastic Braces

3D technology is growing with leaps and bounds in the plastic industry. It has been monumental in reducing costs and production time, making it a boon for manufacturers and consumers alike. Companies like Invisalign have been providing plastic solutions` for braces for a while now but now it is possible to print your very own plastic braces at home with a 3D printer!

5. Oil From Plastic Waste

As fascinating as the other recycled plastic innovations on this list sound, this one takes the first place when it comes to combating the plastic waste problem. A company called Recycling Technologies has created a machine that can turn recycled plastic into three types of oil. This innovation will certainly help in changing the history of plastics.

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