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How Plastics Items in Our Kitchen Have Made Our Lives More Convenient

Plastics continue to offer amazing advantages in various sectors like medical, automotive, military, construction, electronics, and household industry. They reduce manufacturing costs and contribute to the large-scale manufacture of items. We can say without a doubt that plastics have made everyone’s lives more joyful and convenient. This is also true when it comes to household items in our kitchen. From juicers to containers, refrigerators, measuring cups, and cutlery, household product manufacturers heavily rely on plastics due to the many benefits they have to offer.

This blog will provide you with a brief look at how plastics items in our kitchen have made our lives more convenient.

Plastics are Used to Build Refrigerators

Over 40% of our refrigerator is created using different types of plastics such as polystyrene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyurethane foam, and ABS. Every type of plastic has excellent properties like insulation, durability, robustness, and flexibility.

Manufacturers make use of polypropylene and ABS to create the interiors of a refrigerator. To create the exterior parts like the door, handle and panels, Polycarbonate is used. For insulation, polyurethane foam is used. The best part about these plastics is that they can be recycled after their lifecycle is over. For instance, the interior parts can be recycled to create parts of cars and the insulation foams can be recycled to create fuel.

Plastics Help With Storing Our Food

Plastic containers and lunch boxes are widely used by everyone and can be found in homes, offices, and schools. These boxes are durable since they are made from ABS or polyethylene. They are also microwave-proof and dishwasher-proof.

In the last decade, plastic containers have been chosen over glass alternatives. People prefer them since glass is slippery and can shatter on impact. Glass containers can be a safety and health hazard. Moreover, plastic containers can absorb the odor of strong flavors and preserve the freshness of food.

Plastics Could Replace Traditional Ovens in the Future

A team of Brazilian researchers has achieved an incredible feat by creating an oven from plastic. The oven was created using a unique plastic called Vectra. This plastic is extremely durable and resistant to high temperatures. What’s more, the innovative oven does not occupy much space as it features thin walls and needs only half the energy of steel to achieve a high temperature of 200 degrees.

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