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Incredible Applications of PEEK Plastic in Various Industries

plastic nut and bolts

Polyetheretherketone also referred to as PEEK is a high-performance thermoplastic. It is a semi-crystalline organic polymer that possesses a chemical structure that is highly stable. This gives it a massive advantage over materials such as metals. It exhibits incredible properties which makes it a preferred choice of plastic by multiple industries. Below are the numerous applications of PEEK in various industries.

Consumer Electronics
PEEK plastic possess numerous properties such as lightweight, cost-effective and non-conducting. The consumer electronics industry utilizes PEEK screws over metal screws due to its incredible properties. PEEK fasteners are used in electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, gaming devices.

The automobile industry makes use of PEEK plastic since it is chemical and heat resistant. Moreover, since PEEK is lighter than metals, it is used in the production of vehicles to improve fuel efficiency. They are also used on the production of seals and brake components for vehicles. They exhibit excellent dielectric and anti-magnetic properties. In addition, there is no out-gassing since PEEK does not burn.

PEEK is known as an advanced biomaterial in the medical industry. PEEK screws possess anti-corrosive properties and are used in medical implants. They are hydrolysis-resistant and can be exposed to high pressures of steam and water. Few applications of PEEK in the medical industry are reinforcing rods, spinal fusion devices, and surgical instruments.

PEEK meets quality, safety and regulatory compliance including most of the stringent food contact material requirements. This makes it an EFSA and FDA approved polymer. It can tolerate exposure to a multitude of chemicals, extreme temperature ranges, and steam. Its application can be found in the food packaging and oven parts.

Aircraft manufacturers prefer PEEK since it is 70% lighter than steel. This makes it easier for them to meet the annual fuel cost saving goals as it significantly improves fuel efficiency. Aircraft parts made of PEEK are chemically resistant to jet fuel, de-icing solutions, steam, salt, water, and hydraulic fluid. Moreover, reinforced PEEK fiber offers incredible stiffness and strength when compared to metals that were traditionally used to build aircraft.

Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers
Semiconductor equipment manufacturers make use of PEEK screws and fasteners in wet benches. Chip manufacturers make use of hydrofluoric acid which is a corrosive chemical that can damage metals. Since PEEK is chemical-resistant, chip manufacturers make use of PEEK screws. They are used in the production of ICU’s since they are a high-purity material and possess low-outgas properties. PEEK is also used to manufacture manifolds for semiconductor production equipment.

It is easy to see why PEEK is the most preferred choice of material as it meets the needs and challenges of various industries. The demand for PEEK will grow with the rise in applications that are likely to come up in the near future. If you are in the plastic industry, then Plastivision is a great platform for you to showcase your product range and network with industry professionals. Book your booth today!

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