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These 5 Plastic Products Can Help Reduce Energy Bill Costs

Did you know that plastic materials like sealants and plastic insulation can improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce energy bill costs? Almost 40% of India’s energy is our houses and cooling and heating account for the maximum energy used. This leads to energy wastage, which eventually ends up hunting out wallets and the environment.

In the blog, we cover some advanced plastics that will help you save on energy bill costs significantly.

1) Plastic Caulking & Sealants
Sealants and plastic caulking are known for their water resistance, durability, and flexibility. They aid in filling gaps between doors, air ducts, plug outlets, pipes, windows. This way, air does not leave or enter your home. They are also resistant to both hot and cold temperatures and can be easily installed.

2) Solar Roof Shingles
Solar roof shingles can generate pollution-free electricity, provide weather protection, and can last up to 40 years. This is possible because they are created with durable engineered plastics. They can help generate 30-50% of your electrical needs and serve as a renewable energy generator. They can help you reduce energy costs by 40-60%.

3) Polycarbonate Skylights
Polycarbonate Skylights can help reduce energy by 80%. They can offer such amazing savings because they lead to using fewer lights throughout the day. Due to the natural light coming in, you can lower lighting costs and mitigate environmental impact.

4) Fiberglass & Foam Doors
Fiberglass and Foam doors can outperform metal and wood doors in terms of longevity and durability. They are also resistant to extreme weather conditions and are scratch-proof. Fiberglass is also extremely durable and impact-resistant. Foam doors have insulating foam that can keep the cold out during the winter season and heat out in the summer season. This can enable you to save on cooling and heating costs 365 days a year.

5) Polyurethane & Polyiso Board Insulation
Polyurethane and Polyiso foam boards can reduce the energy bills that are utilized for heating and cooling your home. They do this by creating a tight barrier in your home. This ensures that indoor air does not escape and outside air does not penetrate. They also create protective air barriers under floors, attics, walls and seal your home from outdoor elements.

These are just some of the ways how plastic products can aid in reducing energy costs in your home. This makes us realize the value that plastics have to offer us and how beneficial they really are to us.

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