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5 Benefits of Recycling Plastic

5 Benefits of Recycling Plastic

For decades, plastic has played a central role in industries as diverse as Packaging, Textiles, Construction, Electronics, Transportation, and Machinery. Plastic’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is lightweight, chemically stable and capable of being moulded into a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Since plastic is highly versatile, you will find it everywhere. Look around you and chances are that you will find multiple items made of plastic, from chairs and bottles to containers, bags, phones, toiletries and writing instruments! The highly ubiquitous nature of plastic is also a sign that there is a large of amount of plastic to be disposed of every year.

Rather than opting to dispose of plastic in non-environment-friendly ways, we should focus on converting plastic waste into truly functional products. Known as plastic recycling, this process places less pressure on the need to acquire virgin plastic material to manufacture new products. Through plastic recycling, we can conserve resources and divert plastic waste to useful products that look brand-new.

Here are 5 benefits of plastic recycling you should be aware of:

  1. It keeps ecosystems less polluted

Oil is burnt during the production of plastic and this leads to the generation of a large quantity of greenhouse gases. Recycling plastic is a good alternative that helps reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Recycling of plastic also reduces the possibility of water/soil contamination through plastic waste.

  1. It reduces the pressure on waste disposal systems

A country like India generates more than 30 lakh tonnes of plastic waste every year. Through recycling, we can ensure that plastic waste doesn’t end up in landfills. This required careful planning through a network of on-field/digital recyclers. It will take time to set up a robust and dependable recycling process but it is an effort worth investing in.

  1. Optimizes the Quality of Work

Due to advances in robot programming tools, many robots used in production lines can track human hand motions and then mimic them at higher speeds. The precision, low error-rate, and speed cannot be replicated by humans, which is why the quality of work tends to outshine any alternative.

  1. It helps give a new meaning to plastic waste

Plastic waste is more valuable than we can ever imagine. In the near future, we might have a proper system in place to reward people or businesses that give up plastic for recycling purposes. This helps users derive value from their plastic waste.

  1. It strengthens the economy

Plastic recycling isn’t an easy job and requires expertise to ensure efficient diversion of plastic waste. With many recyclers setting up business across the globe, there is a lot of jobs opening up in the sector. And this has provided indirect opportunities to strengthen economies.

  1. It offers a lot of innovation

Recycled plastic is used by manufacturers to create desirable and functional products, from clothing and drinkware to vehicle accessories. Many artists have converted recycled plastic into mesmerising art projects. The creativity that can be used around recycled plastic is endless and definitely worth a look!


If you have links with the plastic industry, then you should give importance to recycling. Be a part of the recycling ecosystem and contribute towards making our planet more sustainable and people-friendly! PlastiVision India understands the importance of recycling, in our upcoming expo – Plastivision India 2023 we will be having a dedicated pavilion for the plastic recycling industry to display their products, machinery and brand. This global platform is one of the Top 5 Plastic expos, so don’t miss the chance to be recognized!
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