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Importance of Participating in Exhibitions – Plastic Industry

Did you know that the global plastic industry was worth $434.71 billion in 2020? Or that the industry is expected to grow to a whopping $616.82 billion in 2028? This industry is so vast and growing at an exponential pace. There are thousands of companies dealing in plastic-based products, from simple paper clips to aeronautical components.

The importance of plastic can be gauged from the fact that it is essential for a wide array of sectors, including Packaging, Transportation, Textiles, Construction, Consumer Products, Industrial Machinery, Electrical/Electronics, Medical Equipment, Scientific Instruments, and Furniture.

Manufacturers of plastic solutions have to deal with a saturated market and cutthroat competition to stand out. They often invest heavily in digital marketing campaigns with little or no success. Even though the world has become increasingly digital, exhibitions offer game-changing opportunities for reaching out to your target audience that isn’t available anywhere else.

Taking the decision to regularly exhibit at events can become the defining factor that transforms your company from an SME to a market-leading one. Let’s go through some reasons why you should exhibit at events aimed at the plastic industry:


  1. The opportunity to meet potential clients face-to-face

Your target audience prefers to meet you in person before taking a decision to buy your products or services. This is because you will have to win their trust to win leads. A face-to-face interaction helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures that potential customers have more faith in your business.


  1. Staying ahead of competition

Many businesses from the plastic industry launch their new products at exhibitions. You can gauge how these products are received by visitors and contemplate whether you should have a similar product or not. In fact, exhibitions are great places to gain some insights on how competitors do business.


  1. Learn more about the plastic industry

The plastic industry is evolving at rapid pace. Exhibitions often host a series of seminars, presentations and lectures from experts in the industry. These talks offer new insights for you to act upon and take your company in the right direction.


  1. Enhanced brand awareness

Every company exhibiting is given a level playing field to impress the target audience. With the right look for your stall and staff, you can impress your target audience. Distribute marketing flyers or promotional giveaways to ensure stall visitors remember your brand for a long time.


  1. Gain new partners

Need new partners to support your business? An exhibition is the right place to find them! You don’t have to partner a competitor – you will be able to find businesses within your supply chain that supplements your business. You could launch joint marketing campaigns to keep down costs in the future.


  1. Gain in-person feedback about your products

Exhibitions provide you with the opportunity to gain direct feedback about your product. Their reactions to your offerings will help you take


  1. Gain quality leads and close sales

An emailer sent by your business may be met with annoyance by a potential customer. This isn’t the case with exhibitions. Visitors are willing to hear you out and learn more about your offerings. Embrace this opportunity and win over your target audience!


We hope this article convinces to regularly exhibit at popular events. One such event is PLASTIVISION INDIA 2023, which is to be held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai, India from December 7-11 next year. Organised by The All India Plastics Manufacturers Association (AIPMA), the event is projected to have a record number of exhibitors and visitors. Held for more than 30 years, PLASTIVISION is frequented by top decision-makers from the Indian and global plastic industry.

So, if you are looking for diverse leads and opportunities in the plastic industry, PLASTIVISION is the way forward. Book your space by clicking here. For queries, call 022-67778846/48 or +91-99303 55494. You can also send in an email to sanjeevani@plastivision.org.

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